i’m so fucking irrelevant

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nothing to lose + snaps [pt. 1] [insp.]

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my mom told me today that I shouldn’t swear bc boys will think I’m trashy. as if I live my life to please boys. and yet it’s not a big deal if boys swear because well they’re boys and I’m a girl.

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you guys should follow me on Instagram and I’ll follow you back

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i need advice please


so i face timed with this guy the other night and he was being all cute and telling me how pretty i am and how he likes my laugh and my smile is cute and how nervous it made him when i didn’t text him right away after he gave me his number and how he wants me to visit him and that he’s gonna visit me when he moves outside philly and pretty much just confirmed that he’s very interested in me

but then i’ll text him and after a few texts he’ll read what i said but won’t respond and he said it’s because he reads it and then sets his phone down and forgets about it (which I understand) but then like a day will go by and he won’t text me unless i text him first and then it just happens all over again. and it’s weird bc only a few days ago we would text like constantly and if he wouldn’t respond for a while he’d eventually be like “oh sorry I just got off work” or “i fell asleep” and we’d continue talking.

so i don’t know what that means. i’m so confused bc he told me all this stuff over face time but if i don’t text him first, we most likely won’t talk hardly ever bc he won’t text me first anymore. 

i don’t know if i should be worried.

help me


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cutseykeats replied to your post “i need advice please”

I dont really know what to tell you babe, but you can either ask him straight up or you can try and get to know him and make the conversation so good that he wont want to put his phone down… And maybe you guys should face time again

yeah i’ve been trying to get to know him and talk to him about stuff and he’s so nice to me when he does respond but it’s like i’m tired of texting him first. i don’t want to seem to clingy or obsessive or something lol but when we were face timing, he was the first one to start asking personal questions so clearly he’s interested in getting to know me and it’s not one-sided but then he won’t text me back and it’s just so confusing.

but thanks for answering. i want to face time again but i’m paranoid he won’t want to. i’m always like that lol

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